Although it may not be talked about as much as body-shaming, makeup-shaming is a thing that is just as dangerous. Criticizing someone for their looks is not an okay thing to do, yet there are still people who unnecessarily comment on someone else’s appearance.

A waitress, who calls herself as an aspiring makeup artist, is just the latest to be makeup-shamed and her response is absolutely perfect.

In a post on her makeup themed Instagram, which is appropriately named WingedandContoured, a waitress described her experience when two teens tried to offer her some unsolicited advice.

This waitress was shamed for her makeup.

It seemed like a normal service, until it was time for her to deliver a check to one of her tables. Despite her taking “great care of them,” two 16 year olds who were at the table complained when they saw their check. They wanted to see the manager.

According to the post, the teenagers didn’t have enough money and were upset because their waitress didn’t inform them about how much their food was going to cost. The aspiring makeup artist commented on her post that the teens had their menus for at least 20 minutes before they decided what to eat, so it was no one’s fault but their own for not knowing the price of their food.

After a discussion with the restaurant’s manager it was decided that the girls would have to pay for what they ordered and they were not happy.

“They ‘magically’ had a card to put it on and this is the ‘tip’ they left me,” the waitress wrote on Instagram.

Her customers left her a tip on their check, but it wasn’t the kind you’d usually leave your waitress.

And as if it couldn’t get any more eye-roll worthy, the teens left their waitress a “tip” that was completely uncalled for. Next to the large zero they put on the tip line, they wrote, “Here’s a tip: contour is supposed to BLEND.” How rude!

Luckily this waitress didn’t seem bothered by the tip—she captioned one of her photos, “Didn’t phase [sic] me”—and she certainly wasn’t going to cry and ruin the flawless makeup she rocked at work. Perhaps someone was a little jealous about her crazy good makeup skills.