This adorable couple made a hilarious childhood find while digging through their things—and the internet loves them for it.

imgur user evanaka1234 was looking for a rice cooker with his girlfriend when they stumbled across an old photo she had—a class photo of her in preschool.


There she is, right smack-dab in the middle, with the absolute best expression.


“I started busing out laughing because I recognized her instantly,” evanaka1234 wrote. “Some say she wasn’t quite human.”

Then he did a double take.

“Then I realized something very odd about the picture.. Something was a little too familiar.. ”

Who is that???


“HOLY CRAP THAT WAS ME!” he wrote. Evidently they hadn’t realized, or remembered, that they actually went to preschool together. It made sense:

“We grew up a long ways away from each other, a few cities apart at least but it turned out that we somehow had gone to the same preschool,” he wrote. Obviously, he needed another witness to confirm this was the case. Maybe he had missing twin?

“I freaked out and called my mom ( what else would you do in a situation like that) and sure enough she confirmed that it was me. We had both attended this same preschool when we were like 3 years old,” he wrote. “Mildly interesting to say the least.”

But certainly entertaining.

To cap it off, he posted a photo of the two of them 16 years later.



In another case of finding true love in preschool, Matt Grodsky was 3 years old and in preschool when he saw the girl of his dreams.

He stood up in front of his class and declared he would marry her someday. His classmates, of course, burst into laughter.

“Just you wait,” he replied.

It’s one of Grodsky’s earliest memories.

The girl, Laura Scheel, taught him how to use the swing sets, how to draw rolling hills, and the “right way” to eat string cheese. They played hide-and-seek together, chased each other around on the playground, and “mischievously stayed up during nap time.”

“I was enamored with Laura as a child, and I still am to this day,” Grodsky wrote on an Instagram post.

The two were best friends, but lost touch once they entered elementary school.

“[F]or the next seven years, our family’s annual Christmas cards was the only way we ever saw each other’s faces,” Grodsky wrote. Then in high school—though they attended separate schools—they reconnected via a mutual friend.

“Within two weeks, we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend,” he wrote.

They dated through high school, and even stuck it out through a long-distance relationship while they went to colleges in different states, 1,600 miles away from each other.

“We remained a resilient couple until May 23rd, 2015 when I decided to stay true to my preschool pledge and make Laura my wife. I proposed to her at the place it all began… our preschool classroom,” Grodsky wrote.

The story was shared to the The Way We Met Instagram account, created by Brooklyn Sherman documenting couples’ stories.

The couple’s story quickly went viral:

At first, Scheel thought the trip back to their high school was just for a picnic together.

Grodsky told Huffington Post he was anxious the whole time, checking his pocket to make sure the ring was still there.

“I dropped down on one knee while my brother came in with the phone, snapping photos. Laura was shocked. I gave her my pitch on why I wanted her to marry me.”

“She said yes ― whew!”

The couple got married last December.

“I can’t wait to giggle with you for the rest of my life,” Scheel wrote on Facebook.

Grodsky’s uncle officiated the marriage.

“For most kids in preschool, it’s about finding your snacks and your sleeping mats, but for them it was about finding their soulmates,” he said.