A cat in Tulsa, Oklahoma is doing his part to help his community and having fun playing with passersby at the same time. So far he has donated over $100 to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless by grabbing money from strangers.

The feline, named Sir Whines A Lot, hangs out GuRuStu, a marketing company in downtown Tulsa. According to the owners of the family business, one day someone started playing with the cat by slipping a dollar bill through the crack in the glass door.

“I get a call from my dad saying, ‘Why is there money on the floor at the office? There’s at least $5 on the floor near the glass, where you can slip it through,'” said Stuart McDaniel, the owner of both the business and the cat.

‘Sir Whines A Lot’ collects money from people passing by.


At first the business owners were perplexed as to why they often found a small pile of cash next to the front door when they opened the business on Saturday mornings. After a little investigating, they discovered what was going on.

People passing by seemed to love to play with Sir Whines A Lot, who has since also been nicknamed Cashnip Kitty, using dollar bills. The marketing firm soon began receiving videos of Cashnip Kitty accepting donations and shared them to their Facebook page.

‘Cashnip Kitty’ accepts any kind of monetary donation.

Once the staff realized what the office cat was doing, they decided to donate the money to a local charity.

Sir Whines A Lot reportedly receives between $30 to $40 each weekend, and so far the business has donated over $100 in the cat’s name to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless.

GuRuStu put up a funny sign “warning” people about the cat’s behavior and where the money would go.

(Facebook/CASHnip Kitty)

The homeless center appreciates the donations and finds great pleasure in the fact that the money has been raised by an office cat.

“I’ve heard of a lot of unique ways people are raising money for us, but this is a first for me and I absolutely love it,” Monica Martin, director of the center, said.

(Facebook/CASHnip Kitty)